vineyard on hill Kozjak in Kastela

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Family Bedalov has a long tradition in tourist services but through the history of family Bedalov, special kind of love was developed for wine growing and wine making. In his agricultural farm, winemaker Jakša Bedalov continues to combine both, the family tradition and his own passion for tourism and wine making. In his vineyards, he continues to nurture and make wine only from varieties of grape plants indigenous to the area of Kaštela. Specific touch in wine cultivation and production comes from the position of the family vineyard. It is situated cca. 400 m above sea level, on the south slopes of hill Kozjak. This position is exposed to plenty of sun and sea salt and combined with traditional organic production, results in a production of exceptionally high-quality wines. Bedalov family welcomes all guests to experience more of their family work and Croatian traditions through their wines.


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Winery Bedalov mostly focuses on red wine varieties such as Kaštelanski Crljenak and Plavac Mali but in their wine selection they have one white wine variety, Maraština. Special to their heart is red wine Tribus is Cuvée from three genetically related grape varieties: Kaštelanski Crljenak, Plavac mali and Dobričić.

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