morning sun shining over the sea in Kastel Kambelovac


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Apartments Vagabundo are private apartments located on the Adriatic Sea side in Kaštela, Croatia. The location of Vagabundo apartments is halfway between cities Split and Trogir, in Kaštel Kambelovac - one of 7 settlements of the city Kaštela. This location at the sea front and in close proximity to bigger cities is the ideal destination for relaxing vacation, especially during summer season.

Vagabundo apartments are owned by lovely Bedalov family that has 40 + years of tourism tradition and you are guaranteed exceptional quality and first-grade service. For your hassle-free holidays, you can choose from 8 studio apartments accommodating 2 (+1) persons and one larger apartment ideal for bigger families of 5 (+2). Bedalov family also owns the agricultural farm with a long tradition of winemaking and all guests can experience the authentic Dalmatian way of life through Bedalov wines but also learn more about the history of this land and local traditions. In apartments Vagabundo you will come as a guest but at the end of your vacation, you will leave as a part of this big family. It is perfect accommodation for memorable vacation.

Apartments Vagabundobijela-poz

Vagabundo apartments are the ideal accommodation for your vacation and a visit to Croatian region Dalmatia and cities Split and Trogir. Choose your ideal apartments from 8 studio apartments for 2 (+1) persons and 1 large apartment for 5 (+2) persons. Free parking space and internet access are available for all of the guests, as well as a fireplace for barbecuing in the garden.

Town Kaštela 2-poz

Town Kaštela is a charming little town near famous UNESCO cities Split and Trogir. Its easygoing and the noise-free environment is perfect for relaxation. Also, Kaštela are ideal for touristic wandering because of its rich history and many historical sights. If you are more of beach enthusiast, you can choose from numerous beaches where you will perfectly mix with local people as well as tourists from around the world.

Winery Bedalovbreskva-poz

Family Bedalov has a long tradition in tourist services but through the history of family Bedalov special kind of love was developed for vine growing and wine making. This small family winery produces organic wines from indigenous vine varieties. 


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